The Invention

Sometimes the simplest ideas turn out to be the best! After noticing people screwing solar lights to fences, decks, sheds, wiring them to trees, or trying to stand them up in the mud or push them into rocky ground, a man named Van had an idea.

As has happened throughout history, necessity is often the mother of invention: Van was out in his woodshed and needed a hands-free light so that he could chop wood. So he grabbed a solar light and tried sticking it in the ground nearby, but the light didn't project enough to allow him to see properly. He spotted a crack in the wall of his shed, so he stuck the torch into it- and lo and behold, he could see! He then went to many stores looking for a product that would work to hold up his solar lights, but couldn't find any.

So that gave him an idea: why reinvent the wheel? The original cavemen had been sticking torches on their walls to light their way long before modern man came along, and this idea wasn't a whole lot different!

Van's experience gave him the incentive to invent and patent a decorative landscaping product that gives environmentally friendly solar path lights many practical purposes, allowing people to mount solar torch lights anywhere!