Our Patented Solar Light Clip

Although many people simply stick their solar lights in the ground to light up a pathway, in many cases the ground might be too rocky or muddy. With our specialized solar light clip, you can mount your solar lights pretty much anywhere in a classic torch appearance! Our invention is a decorative, environmentally friendly landscaping product that gives solar lights many practical purposes. It is a simple product which helps you add light to sheds or areas with no power, and defines your yard with a glow to enhance visibility.

Our Product

Solarklip Enterprises Ltd is pleased to offer this unique solar light holder, which is calibrated and engineered to fit most sizes of available solar lights. It is a highly durable, quality bracket made with a blend of polycarbonate plastics which holds solar lights firmly in place, in both hot and cold temperatures.

This inexpensive invention is a great value and comes in a convenient package of 2 clips in each package, currently available at select Canadian Tire Stores.

We also offer our solar light bracket in large quantities if preferred, rather than in our 2-packs for those looking for our product in bulk.

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